la prensa

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  • Warning 0:40

No off ramps to the north end

I say
we’re not missing anything
on north side, nada
not even a paleta cart.

I say, I say,
skip to the smell of fried dough
and let your shadow zig zag
and read the asphalt cracks
that point to an on-ramp
curling up into a traffic blood clot. 

I say, I say
have the heels of your shadow
tap along with my bye-bye
                                        blacktop smack.

On the north side,
I say, I say, we’re not
missing anything, nada,
even when we got
no off-ramps,
I say, I say.

Performed by Arthur Perez

  • No off ramps to the north end1:06

  • Hey, Verdolagas1:00
  • Hey, Verdolagas1:00


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